Marin Perez

Marketing Leader | Built content marketing programs @Microsoft, @Kajabi @bolt & others | Crypto marketingI'm always interesting in chatting about marketing projects or roles.Here are some of the content programs I've built:

  • Led the content & copy efforts as Bolt grew from a $3B to an $11B company.

  • Built the inbound content marketing program, generating 1000% increase in traffic + 400% increase in MQLs.

  • Led a remote team in a psychologically-safe environment.

  • Built content functions as the company scaled to $2B+ valuation.

  • Spearheaded overall SEO strategy, leading to a 96% increase in Page 1 keywords and an overall keyword ranking increase of 61% over the course of 6 months.

  • Increased organic traffic 85% & increased customers converted from content 125%, over the span of 6 month.

  • Led the integrated marketing effort to ensure cohesion across campaigns, including across organic social, content, paid campaigns and other touchpoints.

  • Attracted net-new 1M organic visitors per month to Microsoft properties through content, SEO initiatives

  • Launched Business Insights and Ideas, which drove millions of net-new visitors to Microsoft web properties over the course of one fiscal year.

  • Built localization program to ensure content maintains authority across 38 languages, 57 global markets.